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Welcome to the Gingerology blog for the 1932 First National / Vitaphone film, You Said a Mouthful!!!

Ginger plays the role of Alice Brandon, who is the daughter of some rich dude who lives on Catalina Island... who welcomes Joe Holt to town, er, island, for his participation in the big mondo swim around the island competition! Trouble is, the Joe Holt she picks off the boat is NOT the Joe Holt swim champ... but Joe Holt the down-on-luck sucker who was just looking for work at the docks after being submarined by a long-lost aunt's will... but, as Ginger is so oft to do, Joe is totally engulfed in her beauty and sweetness, thus goes full-bore into this swimming competition deal, consequences be danged... now, if he can only learn HOW to swim...

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Music from the 1932 First National / Vitaphone film "You Said a Mouthful"...
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